Popular Hikes in Utah

Kings Peak pic
Kings Peak
Image: utahoutside.com

A successful leader with more than a decade of business experience, Isaiah Kingston serves as the chief financial officer for Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC. When he’s not busy overseeing strategic business plans and developing financial strategies for the Utah-based company, Isaiah Kingston enjoys hiking.

Utah offers thousands of hiking trails to individuals of varying skill levels. Below are just a few of the state’s most popular trails:

Kings Peak. The trek to Kings Peak, the highest point in the state, is an out-and-back hike that covers over 20 miles and has an elevation gain of 5,680 feet. It takes between two and four days to complete and features plenty of camping and fishing locations along the way.

Angels Landing. Another out-and-back hike, Angels Landing is ideal for hikers who are experienced and do not have a fear of heights. The trail stays heavily populated throughout the day, but it can be slippery and dangerous depending on the weather. Angels Landing is about 4.4 miles in length.

Buckskin Gulch. A 23-mile hike, Buckskin Gulch takes hikers through a long and deep canyon. This strenuous hike takes around three days to finish, and hikers must go out when dry weather is forecasted. Rain can quickly flood areas of the gulch and alter the canyon floor’s various obstacles.

Mount Timpanogos. At minimum, this 16-mile hike takes seven hours to complete, but it is filled with inspiring views of the surrounding Utah landscape. In addition to enjoying the trail’s many views, hikers frequently spot bighorn sheep along certain areas.


Tips for Throwing a Curveball

Throwing a Curveball pic
Throwing a Curveball

An economics graduate of the University of Utah, Isaiah Kingston serves as the CFO of Washakie Renewable Energy in Salt Lake City. In his free time, Isaiah Kingston enjoys baseball and has coached Little League.

Many baseball pitchers have problems with their curveball. Here are a few tips:

1. Ball grip. The position of the middle finger is key to throwing a curveball. Curveballs get their rotation from the friction generated between the middle finger and the ball’s seams, so find a grip that maximizes this friction.

2. Target. Because curveballs swerve in the air, achieving accuracy is difficult. As a general rule, aim for a spot just over the head of the catcher, and allow the ball to do the rest of the work for you.

3. Stride length. Typically, a curveball stride is shorter than a fastball stride. If you find your curveballs consistently coming out high, try reducing your stride length by 2 to 4 inches.

The Work of Harry Fornari with the AFOA

American Fats and Oils Association pic
American Fats and Oils Association
Image: fatsandoils.org

A University of Utah graduate, Isaiah Kingston serves Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC, as the chief financial officer. Isaiah Kingston is a member of the American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fats and oils sector.

Each year, AFOA oversees the Harry Fornari Lecture, created in 2001 in honor of the former two-time president of the association. From 1973 until his passing, Harry Fornari served in AFOA, first as a director and later as second executive director and president.

For more than three decades, Fornari was a crucial component in the success of AFOA. Among his achievements is the successful expansion of AFOA, first nationally and then globally. Fornari also prompted the changing of the organization’s name to the American Fats and Oils Association. Fornari oversaw a fourfold membership increase during his tenure.

Cache Chamber of Commerce – Women in Business

Cache Chamber of Commerce pic
Cache Chamber of Commerce
Image: cachechamber.com

Utah resident Isaiah Kingston serves as CFO of Washakie Renewable Energy, a leading biofuel producer. Isaiah Kingston is a member of his local chamber of commerce.

The Cache Chamber of Commerce serves businesses and community members in Logan, Utah, and the greater Cache Valley. The organization works to create a vibrant and diverse local economy by improving employment opportunities and capitalizing on local talent.

The Cache Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of opportunities for business owners, with a focus on networking and marketing. The organization also operates the Women in Business program, which helps Cache County women access higher education and business opportunities.

Women in Business also provides a forum for developing leadership skills and networking with potential clients and vendors. Members meet for lunch on the second Tuesday of each month to cover a different professional topic or hear from a speaker.