Scholarships from Washakie Renewable Energy

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Washakie Renewable Energy

A graduate of the University of Utah with a degree in economics, Isaiah Kingston started his career as the general manager of Advanced Automotive and Advanced Rentals. After five years with the company, Isaiah Kingston accepted his current position as chief financial officer for Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC. From its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Washakie Renewable Energy supplies a diverse range of environmentally friendly products and services. The company also supports students in the field of renewable energy through its scholarships.

The Kingston Energy Scholarship benefits engineering students at the University of Utah. As many as 13 students undergraduate and graduate students receive this scholarship per year, helping them to pursue studies in the energy sector.

Another award, the Washakie Renewable Energy Applied Science Scholarship, assists high school students who plan to attend the University of Utah. Recipients of the award must demonstrate high academic achievement and interest in renewable energies and applied science.

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The Work of Harry Fornari with the AFOA

American Fats and Oils Association pic
American Fats and Oils Association

A University of Utah graduate, Isaiah Kingston serves Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC, as the chief financial officer. Isaiah Kingston is a member of the American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fats and oils sector.

Each year, AFOA oversees the Harry Fornari Lecture, created in 2001 in honor of the former two-time president of the association. From 1973 until his passing, Harry Fornari served in AFOA, first as a director and later as second executive director and president.

For more than three decades, Fornari was a crucial component in the success of AFOA. Among his achievements is the successful expansion of AFOA, first nationally and then globally. Fornari also prompted the changing of the organization’s name to the American Fats and Oils Association. Fornari oversaw a fourfold membership increase during his tenure.