About Isaiah Kingston of Utah

As chief financial officer (CFO) of Washakie Renewable Energy in Salt Lake City, Utah, Isaiah Kingston contributes to firm-wide strategic development while managing existing budgets, risk management, and revenue optimization. He has helped the company grow into a national leader in the development of sustainable biofuels while enabling its continuing efforts to protect the environment, support local economies, and improve nationwide energy sustainability. Charged with the allocation and protection of company finances, Isaiah Kingston develops business processes and performance metrics to ensure goal-directed operations.

Mr. Kingston has served in this role since 2009, prior to which he led as general manager with Advanced Automotive and Advanced Rentals in Murray, Utah. There, he provided technical support, managed customer service initiatives, and ensured the accuracy of financial records.

A graduate of the University of Utah, Isaiah Kingston holds a bachelor of social science in economics. He continues to support education through his support of the Kingston Energy Engineering Scholarship, and he maintains involvement in the local Cache Valley business community.