Biodiesel Functionality Leads to Increased Use



After graduating from the University of Utah, Isaiah Kingston went on to work for Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE), LLC, in Salt Lake City. Isaiah Kingston is the CFO, and his responsibilities include developing financial and tax strategies for the company.

WRE Biofuels is one of the WRE Group of Companies, and it produces biodiesel from its own virgin oil through a partnership with farmers who grow canola and soybeans. WRE also recycles used cooking oils and greases for refinement into biodiesel.

Biodiesel production and consumption has exploded since 2001, when only about 10 million gallons were produced annually. As of 2015, the consumption of biofuels was 1.476 billion gallons, and more than 1.26 billion gallons were produced that year. As more feedstock (vegetable grains) are becoming available, it is projected that biodiesel will make up ten percent of the total diesel usage in America by 2022.

More biodiesel usage is good for several reasons:

* Biodiesel is good for the motor burning it because it lubricates engines better and extends engine life.

* Biodiesel has natural cleaning properties that keep pumps, fuel lines, and injectors operating properly.

* Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

* Biodiesel is a more efficient fuel source, so the user gets more miles per gallon.


Author: Isaiah Kingston

Isaiah Kingston - Dedicated Financial Executive in Utah

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